Friday, October 14, 2016

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Black & White Wednesday ~ Farewell

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Whirligig 81 

THIS WEEK'S WORDS come from "Autumn Song" by Daniel Mark Epstein: flower, danger, torn, gobbled, regrets, brindled, fleeting, cargo, leaving, tongues, hearts, everyone

horses are beautiful animals,
an old saying indicates that
once the horse arrives, 
success hits
although we do not ride a horse many,
we do have neighborly friends holding horse ranch,
having horse trailers
flower beds near, danger is distant,
fleeting cargo plows the ocean restlessly,
our tongues go dry if our hearts go draught,
everyone has an urge to surface and win,
yet brindled ropes do set back many,
torn relation needs time to amend,
gobbled regrets root your mind,
you could be angry yet that does not serve,
calm sea, spring breeze, gentle manners,
that is what we mediate  to  extend our days
into rays of sunshine
hope to go pass a trap and 
reach a paradise in reality and on earth