Thursday, September 29, 2016

Story week 54,

Bluebell Books Twitter Club!

  Image result for fish tank glittering 

gone fishing?

the sky is blue
fair day
white washed bay

done shopping

the skin is silver
the hair is loose
pure joy to louise

done homework?

the subject is wise
Hangze and Missy are cute
they tour Hall of Fame via Falling leaves

Thursday, September 1, 2016

humor rocks

humor harmless
hilarous imagers tickle our bones

handsome babies
home depot and hua wei refrigerator work

hess fuel
new jersey choice

handy computer repair
houston rockets play off  at new york states

henneberry property
hennessey city posts handsome signs

hot soup
hot wire and orbits services

henshui, henson, hebei, henan,
reshuik, lenshui, wenshui, liangshui,

waterloo, water pots,
wonderful words function like garden hose

Jim Henson loves Elmo, Sid, Pooh, Spot, Eric, Lyla, and Burnnet,
Michelle Obama posts Jimmy Choo, Vanessa Bush, and Emily Cohen

Image result for hilarious 
Image result for fish humor   

Image result for fish humor 

 Image result for fish humor 

Image result for fish humorImage result for fish humor 

short story slam week 52,

short story slam week 52, family gathering, outdoor sightseeing, and peer reading that help children function well or better 

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Image result for reading 
H is for  Hillary Hesstown reading, H is for Holder, HomeDepot, Huawei, and Handyman Repair

 Image result for reading
 Image result for home depot  Image result for home depot 

Image result for hess  

 Image result for hua wei 

 Image result for handyman repair
 Image result for houston children's programs

green dots
blue prints

H is for Hillary Hesstown reading, H is for Holder, HomeDepot, 
Huawei, Houston skyline, and Handyman Repair

Lubbock, Brownwood, Austin, San Antonio, San Marcos,
Houston, Henryetta, Hengsheng, Hendrickson, Harvard

Sears business and Ross Carter,
Angie lists, and Vicki Hendrickson

posting blessed souls
counting my days and weeks to enter partnership

left wing, right wing,
wings of hope sings

Jesus Christ and Home Depot,
only if we are free enough, we turn trees green

paint brushes, cross road preschools,
Princeton and Helena city limits say a thing

redo my math
revise my story

the world rotates
the reading is refreshingly Hilarious

Lottie Jane Mabee and John Mabee work perfectly
So do Brad Henry and Kimberly Henry...

Wordle 263