Thursday, April 28, 2016

short story, week 43, signs of stuff, monday mellow yellow sirens, and adventure from poetry rally week 83

too much stuff  

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Black & White Wednesday ~ Hints of Spring 
 My Memory Art


 Adventure awaits
 Clothes and toys go into donation box

 Hints of Spring,
My Memory Art features Calvin Anthony, Joe Hall, Rick David for Spring Sing Fling

Autumn Street,
Signs of love is carried in her white silky purse

Sunday Whirl, Six for Wednesday,
Friday My Town Shoot Out, It is Thursday Tina Fay

Monday Mellow Yellow,
Lou Watkins, Trudy Milner, Melissa Weiss, Mary Holt, and Don Holladay paint a swallow

Magpie Bridge,
Clark Huey, Steven James, John Koons, and Mary Frates walk great

Still Water, Baylor University,
Wrecking emotion is mended by Fragment promotion

Relaxing morning,
Soft wind blows 

my nose is clear
my spirit is full of cheer

leaving behind Burns Flat, 
we arrive Beverly Hills to visit Tucker Link, Andy Lester, Jim Reese, Doug Burns, 

Ramsey street,
the fire sub replaces Quizinos, next to State Farm 

Duck Street,
Salty Vietnam man cooks Kim's Pho Noodles

closing my eyes,
I land on West Virginia Capital building and reside near Number 5 Fire Station

Six for Wednesday ~ 4

by an autumn street... 

Adventure [Friday My Town Shoot Out Link-Up]

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Board of Directors, Julie Cohen, Emily Claude, Jennifer Flecher


The Oklahoma Arts Institute is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of 16 active members and 47 emeritus members from across the state. Members attend quarterly meetings to set policies, oversee programs, and discuss long-range action plans. Board members serve on committees and assist in community drives, special events, and other fundraising activities.

Emeritus Board Members
Ann Simmons Alspaugh, Oklahoma City
Bill Andoe, Tahlequah
Donna Hinton Belli, Lancaster, PA
Sheryl Benbrook, Woodward
Sally Bennett, Ada
Molly Shi Boren, Norman
JoAnne Bottomley, Tulsa
Jack Bryan, Lawton
Joe H. Crosby, Oklahoma City
Louanne Hulsey Ellis, Santa Fe, NM
James Epperson, Dallas, TX
C. Kendric Fergeson, Altus
Cole Frates, Los Angeles, CA
Mary Frates, Oklahoma City
Linda Frazier, Tulsa
Aulena Gibson, Oklahoma City
Mary Carol Gilbert, Norman
Nancy Goodwin , Clinton
Ann Graves, Tulsa
David Guthery, Tulsa
Robert Henry, Oklahoma City
Sarah Hogan, Oklahoma City
Don Holladay, Norman
Mary Margaret Holt, Norman
Carolyn Hudson, Tulsa
Sue Ann Hyde, Oklahoma City
Lou Kerr, Oklahoma City
Dave Lopez, Oklahoma City
Joe McBride, Jr., Anadarko
Lois McMillan, Bristow
Robert C. Moore, Columbus, GA
Jasmine Moran, Seminole
Charles L. Oppenheim, Oklahoma City
Gene Rainbolt, Oklahoma City
Francine Ringold, Tulsa
John Seward, Oklahoma City
Jeanne Hoffman Smith, Oklahoma City
Mary Gordon Taft, Oklahoma City
John A. Taylor, Oklahoma City
Melissa N. Weiss, Tulsa
Max Weitzenhoffer, Norman
Wanda Westheimer, Ardmore
Jeff Wilmes, Altus
Al Zapanta, Irving, TX

Thursday, April 7, 2016

short story slam week 42

Bluebell Books Twitter Club!


black suits
blond hair

white skin
brown eye stare

no. 1 is tough
no. 2 is catching or runner up

no. 3 is bronze
together we call is Jin, Yin Tong or Guan Ya Ji

yahoo, fortune magazine stars
time magazine, bluebell story headlines

lips pitched
hands in fists

mind blowing
thought provoking

today's treats
tomorrow's faith