Monday, February 8, 2016

Anhui Weishi Television Show on Feb 6, 2016, Happy Monkey Year

although I think of America
others ignore Aime to pay attention to China

although I love American freedom
my relatives still travel to eat Monkey year eve feast

although I don't mind honoring George Bush,
my son still fly to South Korea, Taipei, Tokyo, Wuhan to share his fortune

although I remain respective to North Korea
Jinping Xi and Liyuan Peng still hot to Incheon, Seoul...

so, today is the first day of Chinese new year,
I wear no new cloth, but wearing RED to show happiness

I sit at Jack in the box,
eyeing on Farifield Suite Inn and spying on Anhui Television Gala...

my supporters relate to Anhui, Hefei, NanChang, Jiujiang, or Shaotou,
my family members shift their attention to Malaysia with Nick and Stella Zhong

I am happy to see hot hosts from Guiyang sing,
their names are printed on my Youtube computer screen

and they are beautiful talents from southern China,
say hello, wave good bye to  

Qun Zhou, Pu Zhao, Liangyun Ren, 
Tao Hong, Sheng Yu, Bing Luo, Yong Li

have a free time, listen to Feng Huang Chuan Qi,
do see the world in a second language, either Korean, Italian, German, or Spanish

 Image result for 2016猴年安徽卫视春晚

 Image result for 2016猴年安徽卫视春晚

Jintao Hu  ||  Yongqin Liu                           Jinping Xi ||   Liyuan Peng

                 !                                                                    !
                  !                                                                    !
 Haifeng Hu                                                             Mingze Xi
 Haiqing Hu

Barack Obama || Michelle Robinson Obama

        Malia Ann Obama
         Sasha (Natasha) Obama

Peter Constantin  || Susan Constantin

             Sarah Constantin
             Hannah Constantin

George Bush ||  Laura Bush

         Jenna Bush
         Barbara Bush

Morton Owen Schapiro || Mimi Schapiro

        Alissa Schapiro
        Matt Schapiro
       Rachel Schapiro

Frang Wang ||  Judy Wang
(Daxue Wang) || (Mingrong Rao)

    Chris Wang
     Wavely Wang (Emily Wang)

Image result for 2016猴年安徽卫视春晚