Monday, February 29, 2016

diving in to the history book, Chinese synchro star He Zi picks up golden hat-trick, wu minxia next sss39


China’s Wu Minxia secured her place in Olympic history with a hat-trick of springboard synchro titles alongside He Zi at Sunday’s opening diving event at the Aquatics Centre.
Wu cemented her place as one of the greatest female divers of all time as she also drew level with former synchro partner Guo Jingjing, who she teamed up with to win the past two Olympic crowns, with a record six medals at the Games.
The 26-year-old is set to surpass that mark next week, when she and He go head-to-head in the individual springboard.
Solid gold: He Zi and Wu Minxia with their medals
Solid gold: He Zi and Wu Minxia with their medals
This afternoon they were comfortable winners, leading after all five rounds to finish with a gap of 24.30 points from nearest rivals Abigail Johnston and Kelci Bryant from the United States.
Canada’s Emilie Heymans and Jennifer Abel took bronze to ensure Heymans became the first diver to win a medal at four consecutive Olympics.
Brits Becky Gallantree and Alicia Blagg were left to rue a couple of missed dives as they finished seventh.
The City of Leeds duo were not expected to threaten the podium although they found themselves in fourth place after two rounds after one of their best ever compulsory set of dives.

Both missed their next front two-and-a-half somersaults dive, however, to drop out of contention before 15-year-old Olympic debutant Blagg came out too late on their final effort.
The plunge: Minxia (left) and He Zi (right)
The plunge: Minxia (left) and He Zi (right)
'We were really happy with the first two dives but then I missed my last dive and my third,' Blagg said.
'It was my first Games, it was just an absolutely incredible experience. The whole crowd was incredible.
'Hopefully I've got many more Games in me to improve on this and the dives I'm not confident on.'
While small sections of the 17,500 capacity Aquatics Centre were left empty, the British duo still enjoyed boisterous home support that Gallantree, competing at her second Olympics, admitted she was blown away by.
In sync: The Chinese pair in flight
In sync: The Chinese pair in flight
'It was absolutely incredible. The crowd out there was just mind blowing. It was really, really fantastic,' the 27-year-old said.
'It just made us smile. We were grinning at each other.
'The result could have been better but there was a lot of positives in there.'
Good effort: Alicia Blagg and Rebecca Gallantree
Good effort: Alicia Blagg and Rebecca Gallantree
Gallantree and Blagg's final score of 285.60 was some 17 points short of the personal best they achieved in reaching the European Championships final in May.
However, even their best would have failed to improve their ranking in a record-breaking final that saw Wu crowned springboard synchro champion for a third consecutive Olympics.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

list of people who opt for law degree from east coast, including new hampshire, virginia, and masechusetts

here it goes, a list,
with some restrictions, not to be offended or offending others...

Drew Gilpin Faust
Katie Lapp
Paul Barreira
Lisa Coleman
Lydia Cummings
Marilyn Hausammann
Thomas Hollister
Anne Margulies
Amy Nostrand
Meredith Weenick
Alan Garder
Judith Singer
Patricia Harrington
Sarah Thomas
Courtney Sullivan
Larry Page
Gloria Ann Page
Loucinda Southworth
Chuck Reed
Christopher Clark
Jerry Brown
Pat Quinn
Alexander antell
Ellen Hart
Nora Imirzian
Alice Malcolm
Kelly O'Shea
Michael Picone
Elisabeth Pilcher
Erin-Driver Linn
Dhairya Dalal
Bea Frain
Victoria Liublinska
Ruth Loescher
John Scanlon
Liam Schwartz
Albert Wang
Leah Whitehouse
Mark Elliott
Adrienne Fitzgerald
Todd Washburn
Peter Bol
David Lyle Boren
Linda Neal
Mary Fallin
Kathleen Buckley
Rick Calixto
Erin Driver-Linn
Lori Gross
Isaac Kohlberg
Doreen Koreta
Richard McCullough
Peggy Newell
Meredith Quinn
Sarah James
Tez Bank Chantarchirakorn
Marshall Page
Lisa Thomas
Autumn Benett
Kristen A Bolt
Kenneth Carson
Jennifer Chow
Liza Harsch
Tippi Jilek
Ji Yan
Chuanhui Peng
Mie Er Zhao
Dongkui zhang
Elizabeth Langdon-Gray
Melissa Lopes
Gabi Norena
Ara Tahmassian
Ariana Brody
Lyn Ferguson
Bea Frain
Molly Groome
Mingze Xi
Jinping Xi
Liyuan Peng
Roba Khorshid
Jill Larson
Sheng Wu
Morton Owen Schapiro
Kristina Latino
Mike Picone
Stephanie Underhill
Kari Yaeger
Rick Calixto
James Ashe
Gary Cahill
Patrick Dethridge
Eileen Donovan
Vaden Burns Hargis
William Jaco
Eric Harris
Gerardo Rainirez
Martha minow
Alan Desrshowitz
William Alford
Julia Wright
David Wright
Lisa Mantini
Sandy Wright
Oren Bar-Gill
Gina Noble
John Bartley
Gabriella Blum
Jonathan Zittrain
Juan Carlos Zarate
Jiahong Wu
Sheng Wu
Tom Lee
Tom Lee Wu
Judy Wang
Cynthia Brown
Mikhail Xifaras
Mark Wu
Tina Wu
Rylan Carney
Virginia wise
Susan Homles Winfield
Kyle Westaway
Max Weinstein
Alvin Warren
Adrian Verbeke
Rory Van Loo
Dehlia Umunna
Mark Tushnet
Gillien Todd
Margaret Tahyar
Ruibo Li
Jim Hill

Monday, February 8, 2016

Anhui Weishi Television Show on Feb 6, 2016, Happy Monkey Year

although I think of America
others ignore Aime to pay attention to China

although I love American freedom
my relatives still travel to eat Monkey year eve feast

although I don't mind honoring George Bush,
my son still fly to South Korea, Taipei, Tokyo, Wuhan to share his fortune

although I remain respective to North Korea
Jinping Xi and Liyuan Peng still hot to Incheon, Seoul...

so, today is the first day of Chinese new year,
I wear no new cloth, but wearing RED to show happiness

I sit at Jack in the box,
eyeing on Farifield Suite Inn and spying on Anhui Television Gala...

my supporters relate to Anhui, Hefei, NanChang, Jiujiang, or Shaotou,
my family members shift their attention to Malaysia with Nick and Stella Zhong

I am happy to see hot hosts from Guiyang sing,
their names are printed on my Youtube computer screen

and they are beautiful talents from southern China,
say hello, wave good bye to  

Qun Zhou, Pu Zhao, Liangyun Ren, 
Tao Hong, Sheng Yu, Bing Luo, Yong Li

have a free time, listen to Feng Huang Chuan Qi,
do see the world in a second language, either Korean, Italian, German, or Spanish

 Image result for 2016猴年安徽卫视春晚

 Image result for 2016猴年安徽卫视春晚

Jintao Hu  ||  Yongqin Liu                           Jinping Xi ||   Liyuan Peng

                 !                                                                    !
                  !                                                                    !
 Haifeng Hu                                                             Mingze Xi
 Haiqing Hu

Barack Obama || Michelle Robinson Obama

        Malia Ann Obama
         Sasha (Natasha) Obama

Peter Constantin  || Susan Constantin

             Sarah Constantin
             Hannah Constantin

George Bush ||  Laura Bush

         Jenna Bush
         Barbara Bush

Morton Owen Schapiro || Mimi Schapiro

        Alissa Schapiro
        Matt Schapiro
       Rachel Schapiro

Frang Wang ||  Judy Wang
(Daxue Wang) || (Mingrong Rao)

    Chris Wang
     Wavely Wang (Emily Wang)

Image result for 2016猴年安徽卫视春晚