Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Sea Anchor by Majorie Sparkman Jackson

and, yes,
there is the mantled self
cocooned in mortal flesh
that peers outward
from a hidden centrum.
soul? spirit?
shared with a Chacma?
And still we celebrate
this strophic dance
that gyrates soundlessly
around a sunken cross
with dolphins intertwined.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

ABc Wednesday, Z is for Zhang Jingchu, 張靜初, haiku Thursday

Z-Zhang  Jingchu  張靜初

Jingchu Zhang, born Yong'An, Fujian,
birth name, Zhang Jing, 
Cantonese name, Zoeing Zing6 Co1,
a yue Chinese actress from mainland China

growing up in countryside,
Jingchu learns and majors in English,
her mentor includes Gu Changwei, Tsui Harks, 
Derek Yee, Bret Ratner, Florian Gallenberge, Anhui,

similar sample occurs,
only those who brave their way to USA
absolutely, may obtain differ fame, 
Look at Oklahoma Chinese News,
We know Larry Li, Jaftee Wu, Tony Lie, Jerry Hsieh, Lingchu Lin,

Recall Saint Mary's Church,
Stephen Miller,  Nicolas Baisher, Sally Asher, Yingjiu Ma,
the place calls Zyatun people faithful,
never mind Jeannette Sias for her musical efforts.

Taiwan Tongxiang hui,
they have a Monkey Year celebration on OKC,
February 6, 2016, 11:30am --- 3:00 pm,
Chen's Buffet, 537 N. W. 23th Street...

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Forests [Friday My Town Shoot Out Link-Up]

a crow screams by dawn
some wins fame from Papa John
another says Tom Hardy and Kevin Young

Carpe Diem Throw that pebble #1 dawn