Thursday, June 25, 2015

Ben Sheppard Elementary School

Ben Sheppard Elementary School

Ben Sheppard Elementary is the only elementary school in the district with a math, science and technology magnet program which is offered to all students in third, fourth and fifth grade who apply to the program and meet criteria.


To provide all students with an excellent instructional program in which their individual needs are met by providing a rigorous curriculum from highly qualified instructional staff who utilize effective teaching practices in order for every student to be prepared to compete in a global society.


Ben Sheppard Elementary aims to provide a quality education where all students will reach their full potential within a caring, secure environment.


Welcome to Ben Sheppard Elementary School's web page. I am  proud and excited about enhancing our communication through the use of technology. I am committed to assisting Ben Sheppard students with an excellent instructional program and exposure to new technology through a well-balanced curriculum in which the needs of individual students are met. I feel confident that with the continued support of parents, students, staff, and the community we will succeed in our commitment to achieve the ultimate in performance.

                                                   Dr. Eduardo Tagle

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Washington University (WU) at Saint Louis, Mo

night sky,
violet clouds,
calm gateway city view,
the vivid Dan-forth campus or grand Arch attracts.
Washington University is an elegant intergral of St. Louis
because it sets academic standards
and paves avenues for budding students,
so that they excel, mature, and inspire.
Voices rise,
Invaluable praise,
Emily Pipes chooses Wu at St. Louis over California,
Alice Folger pick Wu at St. Louis over Texas,
Cameron Kinker studies at Wu of St. Louis away from New York,
Dylan Simonson discovers Wu at St. Louis from Colorado.
Connecting dots,
share beautiful habits,
famous st. louisians dance DiSC,
let's notice
Jonathan Williford, Damion Tafcott, Miriam Alexandroff,
Chris Halline, Keith Wood, Maya Angelou, Kevin Kline,
Nelly, Harold Ramis, Tina Turner, Tennessee Williams,
Chuck Berry, Bob Costas, T. S. Eliot, John Goodman,
Ulysses Grant, Jon Hamm, Scott Joplin, Ellie Kemper,
Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Eric Schmidt, Barack Obama...

so what's next?

be honest,
be true,
don't change your mind,
don't pretend that you are better human kind.
the time is late,
the pressure is on,
why not eat a dragon eye plate
and have the computer screen on.