Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Rubyard Kiplin

rubyard kiplin, a gem in red,
Nomenus Xorcheus, a shadow in green,
Waves roll on layers, pacific ocean,
Roberts Hawaii bus tours, Honolulu Beach.
Squeezed by the united Concords,
climbed by mountain view islanders,
Rubyard and Nomenus scream aloud,
Oahu is one fabulous expression.
Amber Edward's eyes get wet,
we're on our way to liberty,
Mark Lagoon's face becomes red,
Nimitz Infiniti is Hawaii's celebrity.
honest travelers. and she is media,
unspoken laws, he is California.

Friday, March 6, 2015

picturesque words

birthdays hit but once a year,
now picturesque words is here,
no Christmas lights,
no mosquito bites,
a gentle glance,
that's magic in France,
I'm a rose with thorns,
he is a clown fish with jaws,
I'm weak in approximation theory,
he is strong in computational mathematics,
give me a day of praises without fear,
since birthdays hit but once a year.