Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Chiana's Walk at Dawn

never mind Laura Willis,
Don't Dwell on Abra Lincoln,
The sky is bright,
when China walks by--
Monroe, Scott, Main, Boomer,
McLory, Walnut, Adams, University,
The Noble Research Center stands Merry,
Animal Science greets Robert Kerr Food industry.
Life science east,
life science west,
Engineering North,
William Spears business career fest.
Picking up a magazine,
It's Cindy Hoover in red sheen.
Aerospace, Telecom, Civil engineering,
environmental, Chemical engineering,..
Go, Hallibburton,
Thumbs up, Joann Whetcher,
Smart, Sara Hodon, Amanda Wegner,
Beautiful, Katie McKy, Lana Russo.
Sweet, Dashells Taylor, & BGE,
Wise, Sharanya Doddapaneni, & Cisco,
Cool, Payal Koul Mirakhur, Aricent,
Powerful, Maxine Moreau, CenturyLink,
YEah! Amy Conner, Sarah Kelly, & Pratt & Whiteney!

Hyde Park Poetry

here, an award given to me by poetry rally, i feel pleased to place this tag here and wish to pass such honor to poets  mary and Bryan Ens  and see mary's tag below.


and wish them smiles on week 82.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

confusing people

they won't tell you
when they desert you
for another goal,
                 they do inform you
                 when they need you
                 for a special cure.
                             the road map is a spider web,
                             we are good at getting online,
                             and search for the clue of taikungdo,
                                                 when we believe
                                                 and exercise Newton's relativity,
                                                 we reach the soulful divine.
                                so, literly,
                                you confuse everyone,
                                everyone confuses you,
             when you play a language game,
             intending to convince those who disagree,
words you vomit sound tame,
and everything won't be the same.