Wednesday, December 24, 2014

poetic form week 7: Haiku

Christmas Special of Poetic Forms : HAIKU (Week 7)

Wayne Greene and Bruce Plante
Freelancers on opinions today
Chris Paul Basketball


Larry Johnson writes
a no to same sex marriage
a go to Christian faith tenets  


Tulsa world nespaper
Tom Gilbert and Sherrow Tray
Mary Fallin sports

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Nostalgia By Jomboree F. Higgins

I cannot build dreams with wooden reality...
the blueprints have suddenly changed,
We're no longer what we used to be.
How can you know how much I hurt
when you will not listen to me?
The ache is deeper than ever I realized
until today,
emptiness has taken over the hot nights;
Our only bond is Suzie-
Suzie of the laughing face and kindergarten enthusiasm.
I want to ask you what happened to forever
and the promises of love,
but i cannot penetrate your walls
to even ask you that.
Are you inside somewhere, John?
Have you learned not to care?
i will understand someday
why i feel wooden now, and why
you constructed barricades!