Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Meet Kimberly Jones Pothier

Meet Kimberly

Kimberly Jones Pothier is a sought after anointed conference speaker, life coach and mentor. A true worshiper, she radiates with the love and joy of the Lord.
Conquering Hell in High Heels, was birthed while Kimberly was going through the healing process of her past. As a child, Kimberly heard the voice of God and was given the assignment to reach the masses. Now, she travels the world preaching, teaching and leading people to the love of God equipped with an assignment simply “to love people back to life.
After surviving a divorce and relocating her sons to Fayetteville, Georgia, the restoration process began. During this time, God healed her mind, body and soul. She was able to forgive and move forward in her mandated assignment of loving people back to life as God had done for her.
Kimberly’s willingness to be transparent and raw in her testimony of conquering hell has garnered her respect among her peers and millions of people all around the world who read her daily Facebook posts and tweets. Kimberly believes every person possesses purpose, passion and power and uses the tools of preaching, outreach and worship to unveil this in the lives of people daily.

Kimberly Jones-Pothier

Her journey of reaching the masses began when she was anointed as a child to sing. She was placed before great men and served as Worship Pastor traveling with Pastors Rod Parsley, Clint Brown, Larry and Tiz Huch as well as Drs. Mark & Ruth Chirrona. She was also a part of the Christian television program, Power of Praise, with Angela Courte. Although she found great success and favor, Kimberly knew there was more to her assignment than just leading people into the presence with singing. God was calling her into something greater. Kimberly walked away from God for a season and quickly realized this was not where she was destined. 
Ministry is more than a passion, it is genetic. Drs. Henry and Ann Jones, Kimberly’s parents, have been in ministry for more than 45 years and are Lead Pastors of the Church of the Harvest Fayette (www.cothfayette.org).  Kimberly is the Music Pastor, as well as Executive Pastor alongside her husband, Mark. Currently, Mark and Kimberly reside in Fayetteville, Georgia with her two sons, Lyncoln and Morgan.


  1. I desperately need prayer for so many different emotions. I am in desperate need for a car &financial provision to pay for it. I am a disabled widow with a son who suffers from bi-polar &possible 2-3kinds of cancer &other medical problems. Plz pray for us.Thank you &GOD bless.
  2. I would like to get daily post on Facebook or e-mail. Thank you and God Bless You!!!


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Mathematics Is Cool!



math is cool,
just like me and you,
if we know the rule,
there is nothing we cannot do,
if we work hard,
problems can be solved without broken heart,
if we learn every day,
we can make math fun and gay,
if you are curious about mathematics,
knowing that it is divided as geometry and algebra,
Geometry is Ji He,
algebra is Dai Shu,
enjoy the perfect symmetry or preciseness
behind it,
love math,
no doubt about IT!