Monday, April 21, 2014

New York Times: Dragonfly Wings

New York times is special, they open doors to freelance writers and journalists, 
 freedom of expression and leading media reports make the newspaper profound.
Pay attention to these besides the dragonfly wings: Casey Affleck, Gabourey Sidibe, Paz de la Huerta,
chase Sapphire, Bob Anthony, Adolph Ochs, Orvil Dryfoos, Dean Baquet, Julia Cohen, Janet Elder, 
Lawrence Ingrassia, Rebecca Corbett, Ian Fisher, Michele McNally, Enya Jingly, Andrew Rosenthal, 
Trish Hall, Terry Tang, Mark Thomapson, Michael Golden, Michael Nutter, Sid Hudson, She Writes,
Michael Young, James Follo, Kenneth Richieri, Roland Caputo, Meredith Kopit Levien, Tom Lee, 
Marc Frons, Willliam Bardeen, Thomas Carley, Terry Hayes, Anthony Benten, Laurena Emhoff, 
Diane Brayton, Afonso Fleury, Maria Tereza Fleury, Jesus Christ, Cristo Redentor, Suri Cruise, 
Tom and Ray (car talk hosts): 
Amy Hempel                                                                          Zhiyuan (Jerry) Yang
  Bret Danilowicz                                                                  Yuval Levin
     Charles Barnes                                                                Xiongfei Fu
        David Schmidly                                                         Weirong Shen
          Edward Emerson                                                   Vickie Leta
             Frank Phillip                                                      United Nation
                Gary Shutt                                                    Tiffany Holmes
                  Hargis Ann Burns                                     Sophia Bollag and Sheila Why
                    Irving Lavin                                         Rodney Carrington
                      John Marmaduke                              Qingbo Huang and Jin Hong
                        Kelly Corrigan                               Patchen Markell
                           Lisa Kogan                               Ochs Sulzberger Jr. and Jobamas
                             Martha Beck                         Neil Moldenhauer
                            Newton Pew Joseph                Megan Fellman
                          Olson Jessica                               Lau Joshua
                        Pisano Phil                                       Karl Albrecht
                      Quald Jiamei Keith                               Juer Moscow Yan
                   Ray Henry                                                 Ian P. Wei
                 Sam Marmaduke                                           Helen Chooljian
               Theo Albrecht                                                   Gabriel Peal
             Unruh Jacob                                                           Flayner Cary
          Victor Tom Pickens                                                     Evan Handler
        Wendy Camp                                                                   David James Henneberry
       Xiude Heping Gongji Shuai                                                Chuanqian Xian Peng 
     Yeti Cooler                                                                             Bob Robert Young
   Zahna Medly                                                                               Audie Leon Murphy               

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Chestnut: The Chesten Nut

A branch family member of Fagaceae,
Native to temperate regions of Northern Hemisphere,
Chestnuts (Lizi) are edible and fulfilling nuts.

Some call chestnut chesten nut,
Other call chestnut Sardian nut,
It has home at China, Bolivia, Greece, Japan, Korea, Turkey, Italy, Portugal, Spain.

As a sister nut to Walnut and Almond,
Chestnut is rich in calories and starch,
Which gives us a very good chance to promote chestnut for nutrition reason.