Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Mathematics Is Cool!

math is cool,
just like me and you,
if we know the rule,
there is nothing we cannot do,
if we work hard,
problems can be solved without breaking heart,
if we learn every day,
we can make math fun and gay,
if you are curious about mathematics,
knowing that it is divided as geometry and algebra,
Geometry is Ji He,
algebra is Dai Shu,
enjoy the perfect symmetry or preciseness
behind it,
love math,
no doubt about IT!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Yank Sword (From New Spoon River)

You get so used to saying a thing
like:" All ready," "Over they go,"
"Just a moment," "Head of the Army,"
"I object," or "Next"-
That's its really yourself at the end of life,
and dying whether you say it
or a voice is saying it to you?
And I who had barbered all of them,
for A. D. Blood to Lusius Atherton,
and told them stories, and laughed at theirs,
And shared them in their coffins,
Thought I was working in my shop
Dyeing the hair of Henry Bennett
when a voice said: "next"-
I think the voice was mine.