Saturday, October 13, 2012

Without You! (Love, Poetry, and War)

Thursday Short Story Slam Week 29: Dramas and Freedom

Without you,
The time will be dull,
The stove will be cold,
The room will be half full,
and the mind will be empty.
Without you,
No mood to read,
No day is serene,
No food to satisfy the hunger or greed,
and no trees seem green.
Without you,
no hands to shake,
no muffins to bake,
no music to listen,
No words spoken.
Without you,
no tea in the mug,
no fruits in the plate,
no cereal in the bowl,
and always sleep late and get up late!


Virginia Davis Hargis said...

love you, and please keep it cool.

Taylor Kong Boomer said...


Tifiny ishare Moon said...

this is love.

Janet Mooster Zhou said...

life needs companies.

Yielday Pittzheng said...


Bing Yap said...

emptiness... well written!

fiveloaf said...

sometimes one can reflect upon the good old moments.. nice write virginia. my rally..

Taylor Kong Boomer said...


Ihop Smith said...

imagine that...

well penned.

Hillary Ginger Piety said...

poetic and beautiful.