Friday, October 19, 2012

Nostalgia By Jomboree F. Higgins

I cannot build dreams with wooden reality...
the blueprints have suddenly changed,
We're no longer what we used to be.
How can you know how much I hurt
when you will not listen to me?
The ache is deeper than ever I realized
until today,
emptiness has taken over the hot nights;
Our only bond is Suzie-
Suzie of the laughing face and kindergarten enthusiasm.
I want to ask you what happened to forever
and the promises of love,
but i cannot penetrate your walls
to even ask you that.
Are you inside somewhere, John?
Have you learned not to care?
i will understand someday
why i feel wooden now, and why
you constructed barricades!


Virginia Davis Hargis said...

hope is a good word to think about.

Aya Gugles Wilson said...

powerful wonders.

Bing Yap said...

i felt both pain and hope in your words... well done!

Taylor Kong Boomer said...

best wishes.

India Monitor Watson said...


Yielday Pittzheng said...

let's hope for the best.

Ihop Smith said...

emotional and breathe taking.

Hillary Ginger Piety said...

let hope for the best.

Elizena said...

There was so much pain and hopelessness. A marriage that had started off full of only good things and now the only thing keeping you together was a sweet kindergartner. You can't heal a relationship if one of the two involved won't even speak and admit that there's a problem. The only way for the healing to begin is to allow whatever froze the relationship out and then the thawing and healing can begin.

This was very well done. You told a complete story from beginning to almost end. This story can't end here, because where there was once love, there still has to be some kind of hope. Loved it; and thank you so much for sharing it with us. Have a blessed day.