Wednesday, August 15, 2012

December, OK, 2005

My son's cough scratches at the house,
My head buzzes with aches of confusion,
Sad time for a devoted spouse,
Disagreements are hurled to a bad decision,
Ducks can pretend to be chickens,
The New York Times reports more violent civil crimes,
Greedy eyes beam, lips offered to bother,
Lost minds begins, hearts are puzzled,
Moments of doubts, illusions, bodies are snuggled,
The unfortunate opening,
Long time pain begins striking,
because of the unforeseen future,
I never expect that life could award me adventure,
A surprising factor.

 Image Credit:, msn on 2012 London Olympics

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Yu-Mi-Hu The Porridge Cream of Corn is One We Won't Forget About Chinese Dining (Peking Travel)

 Summer Palace  in Beijing

the hotel room we used to live in...

In China, food is 100% abundant,
and almost perfectly delicious,
I love the free markets, and
many small businesses, one thing Jiahong
has shared with Tom and I is the
freshly squeezed watermelon juice,
it costs about 8 yuan each cup,
the pleasure is to watch the clerk
take out fresh watermelon, cut it,
place the fruit into the squeezing machine,
then see the juice drip into the cup below...
ice cubes are added before serving,
thus this is part of the joy at
Weiduomei (How Delicious) western snack store...
Another favorite snack in beijing is a small
bowl of corn cream soup for breakfast,
the hotel services buffet including vegetable
salads, salted vegetables, fried rice, tea eggs,
noodles, of course, soups plus freshly cooked's quite rich in variations...
I have lost interests eating homely cooked food
after returning to America...Chinese food markets
spoil and visitors will always wish to go back
after their first visit in case the service is good.
The porridge cream of Corn is of the most yummy
to Justin and me...


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