Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Joe-Ann's Petiton

To the great right house
and the house of Representative
of this free kingdom,
New birth, I'm Joe-Ann,
An European, foreign to the land of opportunity,
I won't take too much of your TIME,
but to plead and pray for FORTUNE
so that the hungry is fed,
the wounded is healed,
and the restless is settled.


When there is a problem to solve,
PEOPLE at NEWSWEEK provides wisdom of words,
CHICAGO TRIBUTE tells you who wins the game,
Yet, who can tell how to eliminate blink mice?
She, I mean, they really appear aggressive,
Storming into my properties to do damage to my fine wooden furniture
without feeling ashamed or guilty,
Oh, cats, more cats please,
Ignorance is not the excuses,
ABC and NBC are beautiful to learn from.


I'm NEW here,
Which does NOT mean you shall fool me,
U must stop, stop the illegal actions based on subjective assumptions,
I won't give up my stuff,
I never fear your self-centered or strong biased comments,
I'm sorry that you are on the wrong side of the road,
feeling lost or inferior...
U can wear my shoes to correct your ill-logic and misleading claims,
Good Luck...
Leave me alone please. 


Becky Hargis said...

It's way too sad that some people never stopped stalking and making strong statements on others.

stay away,
have self respect.


Jacobean Willam said...

where did the comment go,