Wednesday, May 30, 2012

FIU (and Chong Sheng) at Mi'a'mi of Florida: The Typical Palace That Leads Curious Birds To Magical Journey of Computing and Research of Mathematical Physics and More....

A few days ago, Justin mentioned one
of his working buddies at mathematics
from Florida, I accidentally bumped onto
his webpage today, feeling amazed at
the beauty of Florida, and the inspiring
nature of the university- Florida
International University...
ChongSheng Cao,
PhD of Mathematics, 1999.
University of California, Irvine;
Department of Mathematics
Florida International University…

Image Credit: on FIU, Florida International University...

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Marywood University and Hobby Lobby: Divine Places Fostering Creativity and Healthy Beauty!

Random tools connect life and
make meaningful impressions...
Ji had fun hand-making and
whole-selling (MS) bookmarks
and bracelets out of instructions
by experts, with specific matches of
colors of DMC 100% wool yarn,
made in France (, 
Hobby Lobby sells these,
and Marywood University (PA) is
another sample showing sweet
connection made by God.

Image Credit: on Hobby Lobby, Marywood University...

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Switzerland = Sheng Wu + Wichita + Izzy + Tom Wu+Andy+ Amanda+Disney Land+Maryland

Switzerland has not been
in a war since 1515.
A new president for Switzerland
is elected every year!
Languages spoken: German, French, Italian.
Switzerland has more than 1,500 lakes,
and it is said that you are never
more than 10 miles from a lake
anywhere in the country.
Switzerland joined United Nations in 2002.

Image Credit: on Switzerland...

Benin in West Africa = Becky+Ben+Benny+Bee+Slpmartin+Febnit Nirappil+Beijing+Min Wang+Ina

Benin is located in West Africa
and constitutes a long stretch of
hand perpendicular to the Coast
of the Gulf of Guinea.
It's bordered on the North by
Burkina Faso and the Republic of Niger,
on the East by the Federal Republic of Nigeria,
and on the West by Republic of Togo.
Visit Benin Today.

 Image Credit: on Benin country...