Tuesday, April 17, 2012

SiLin Yan: The Lyre That Sings Homely Songs At Ji's Primary School!

At primary school, SiLin Yan
was Jingle's (or Chuanhui Peng's)
language arts teacher, SiLin is
a handsome guy who shares
the same origin with grandmother
Juer (Jewel) Yan and
mother Simei (Sammy) Yan,
which is a village next to the Han river,
called YuFan Village,
most of the villagers are fisherman,
women grow rice mainly....

Image Credit: Google.com, on SiLin Yan, simei Yan, Juer Yan, Ji Yan....;)

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Mary Glenpool said...

sweet tribe, the gut was cool,

Mother Yan talks to him when she visits her hometown...