Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Becoming Independent Will Be Jingle's Life Long Dream!

Quantity changes lead to quality changes,
Small errors cause big mistakes,
Jingle's stubbornness does cost and
the pain becomes unbearable, so on April 13,
Jingle decides to leave her twenty-one year old
marriage, making a living herself elsewhere,
she got helps from Glenpool, Welch, Copan,
and Nowata of Oklahoma,
Now temporarily home for her boys.

Image Credit: google.com on glenpool, Welch, Copan, and Nowata areas of Oklahoma state, Tulsa City...

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Mary Glenpool said...

Jingle stays married to Jiahong Wu,

but part of her refuses to stay dependent and waits to die in the marriage, she must be active and take charge of her life.