Friday, April 20, 2012

Chris Raun: A Powerful Eagle That Empowers Tom's Life!

Chris Raun keeps inviting Tom over for dinner
on Fridays, or bike riding over Saturdays,
and on April 13, Tom has enjoyed Chris's
birthday party, when Tom realizes that
Jiyan, his Mom was missing for some
unspeakable stress, he has felt support
and love from Chris' mother, who has
offered instant help until she's home...

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

SiLin Yan: The Lyre That Sings Homely Songs At Ji's Primary School!

At primary school, SiLin Yan
was Jingle's (or Chuanhui Peng's)
language arts teacher, SiLin is
a handsome guy who shares
the same origin with grandmother
Juer (Jewel) Yan and
mother Simei (Sammy) Yan,
which is a village next to the Han river,
called YuFan Village,
most of the villagers are fisherman,
women grow rice mainly....

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Italy = Iris Murphy + Audie Murphy +Tally +Taylor Boomer+Kimberly Henry

In America, Italian pizza is well known,
At China, Italian world cup team on soccer
is famous... Sheng has said that two years ago,
"I want to visit Italy." "why?"
"I just like it."...
Great big thanks go to
Stephan and Kathleen Wilson for dinners
and warmth to Sheng's (including Jingle)
senior high school year.

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Becoming Independent Will Be Jingle's Life Long Dream!

Quantity changes lead to quality changes,
Small errors cause big mistakes,
Jingle's stubbornness does cost and
the pain becomes unbearable, so on April 13,
Jingle decides to leave her twenty-one year old
marriage, making a living herself elsewhere,
she got helps from Glenpool, Welch, Copan,
and Nowata of Oklahoma,
Now temporarily home for her boys.

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