Tuesday, September 11, 2018

poetry and story inn fridays week 28

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blogging from a to z in april,   A is for Abbey Art, Z is for Zuomin Zebra, J is for Jingle Poetry, S is for  Shen Clothing Fashion,  L is for Leonard Murphy business, T is for Toms shoes, N is for Nick
Lantz, M is for Michael Walsh, E is for Eric Schmidt, P is for Peggy Helmrich, D is for Donald Trump, H is for Hudson fisher,  K is for Kyle  Richardson Schmidly,

which is set by Jingle Yan  
backed up by officials Riika Infinity , Kavita,  Olivia, Victoria, Sashi, Uma, 
Leo, TRacy, Bill Cook, Angela, Aleza, Amanda, Jamie, Lovely Annie, Wojin,
including Talon, Joanny, SIS someone is special, L, Life Inverse, Blaga, etc.

  • which is set by  Tom L. Wu

  • which is set by Amelia Wilson
    which is set by Anne Wojcicki
    which is set by abbey wood

  • which is set by Nina Wise and Bruno Wu
  • which is set by  Tan Zhikang (Robert LIOYD)  and Michelle Manser

  • which is set by Sheng wu and  Lawrence Grant

  • which is set by Julia Barnes and Keith Edwards

  • which is set by Colin Yaccarino and Fallin Page-Bricker

  • Thursday, August 2, 2018

    poetry and story inn fridays week 25, short story slam week 95

    Du Yi,
    Mailing Address:  16 Lincui Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100101, China
    2016 Awardee of “Thousand Talent Program for Young Outstanding Scientists”
    2013 National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Award of China
    amazing week,
    we respect some highly achieved scholars

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    Chicago, Ilinios,
    where hyde park shore meets Lake Michigan

    what do you think of it?
    we try to trust our sixth sense,
    discover Chicago wisdom,
    research it,
    have fun!