Tuesday, December 4, 2018

poets rally week 87

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samrufz hillford, 2 year old in 7/13/2018  

It Is About Free Verse,
It is about our daily elements in food,
and in language,
Thanks a ton to Donald Trump,
Donald Trump Jr., Eric and Barron Trump for the support.
We used to enjoy Northwestern University faculty,
we then enjoy Tulane, Loyola, Yale, Harvard, Stanford,
we promote our sentiment of nutrition to all walks of life,
Keep it up, Chelsea Clinton, Sasha Obama, Tiffany Trump,
keep it up, Ann Hargis, Hilary Clinton, Malia Obama,
Barbara Bush, George Bush, Barack Obama, Amelia
or Abbey....and to Seth, Mark, Enchanted, Cummings, 

Thursday, November 29, 2018

poets rally week 87, short story slam week 103

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95 hill street, Daly city, CA 94014

Map of daly city apartment

San Bruno,
San Mateo
San Jose
San Barbara

San Francisco
San Diego
San Abilene
San Wilson

lots of favors
all under blue sky
wild and clear next to a bay
where beautiful seagull wonders why a seashell is left behind waves

Thursday, November 8, 2018

short story slam week 102, poetry and story inn fridays week 32

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majorie sharmatt
he writes lots of staff
when amazon.com posts him
his excitement is beyond 100

85' f  bakery
lovely cakes
huangzhou, shenzhen, fuzhou, hangzhou, lanzhou,
long yan, taiyuan, shijiazhuang, wu han, xi'an,

dreams come true
xi, hu, jiang, sun, yuan, wu, peng, yang, yan, yu, gong, wang, guang, liu, xu,
never ending fights