Friday, October 13, 2017

poetry and storyy inn fridays week 4


   newcomb colleg art is awesome at tulane univesity

Walt Disney and Sam Walton
they make entertain =ment awesome

look at Audubon park
look at giant Egypt Elephants

we walk around,
sight seeing, eye catching those elegance

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

basswood, yukon, and baton rouge sentiments

Cottonwood, willow, and briar,
Night air billows in the dark grove,
Hauls the alders over, their leaves.
Jumping, spilling silver-bellied on the lawn;
The lighted wind is running with a flood
of green fish, phosphorescent and wild.
On the winter grass, breaking like struck matches,
Without warmth or place, random as green minnows.
Above the clouds the sky waits, one celled.
Expanded over tides and winds, loving
The south wind as much as the north,
Schooling the planets in discretion and form.