Tuesday, August 16, 2016

short story slam week 50

Short Story Slam Week 50, 8/4/---8/21, 2016, on hope, education, memory, invention, and satisfaction

  Image result for pine tree
  Yike Song, One Single Pinewood

 Image result for squirrel   

Yisong Shu, one squirrel

Image result for computer mouse
Yishu Biao, one cute computer  mouse

Image result for kitten

yixiao mao, one little kitten

Image result for a hair
yifa xing,  a hairdo,
yigeng mao, one single hair

someone images things,
the thing is a thing for Seghu

we think of the thing as Yike Song,
which means one single pinewood tree

we relate the thing as Yisong Shu,
which refers to a squirrel

extending our sweet passion,
we call the thing Yishu Biao, which means a computer mouse

Songshu, Pine Tree or Squirrel,
But, Shu itself truly means Mouse, Mickey Mouse from disney, or PC mouse fromLogic

the opposite animal of mouse rat mice is cat kitty kittens
and we add a yixiao mao to correspond with  yishu biao

at the end, we believe that Mao could be either Cats or Hair,
thus we stretch our thinking to Hairdo (Faxing) or Hair (Mao)

when a baby arrives at a household,
parents, grandparents celebrate, which is joyful addition

so this is a bet for Wilson / GwengHam
Henryetta Wu in addition to San Francisco,

a pc mouse, a squirrel, a pinewood tree, a kimwood butterfly, a goldfinch bird, a timid kitten,
a worrisome wildcat, a hardworking ox, a tired puppy, a curious monkey, and a brave lamb

besides that, we say that a piglet that oinks sometimes,
and a bunny that hops, or a rooster that crows

we drink coffee when a yawn hits out mouth and a frown attacks our brain,
we sleep when the thing screams loudly for attention, San Francisco = Oxford Hillview

Image result for a hair

Image result for a boy  Henryetta Wu in addition to San FRancisco
Yike Song besides Yigeng Mao, Yishu Biao, Yifa Xing, Yisong Shu, Yixiao Mao....

good luck,
sweetest dreams
Mao Mao

 Image result for a boy

Image result for a boy 
Image result for a boy

Image result for a boy
Image result for a boy

Image result for a boy

Image result for a boy

Thursday, July 21, 2016

swan secret

Image result for swan 

swan swims
not knowing her past

lotus blooms
clear and crystal from muddy waters

pure bird
ocean big waves

a blast of goodness
a stir of stunning transformation

swan, swank, swanson,
sweden, sword, and seeweeds

small pond grows large carp
tiny figures type forceful power

the marathon rages on
San Francisco, Rome, London, and Tokyo techcrunch has green light on Sweiss Gwenghow

dish washer says Joy
Microwave says Emenson

we love Garmin
we do ride our car to unearth Swan life

short story slam week 49


Ella Gregory
Horace Muir
they dare to scare
the swan fairyer
she has gone to woods
she has danced swan lake ballet
swans swim around her feet
she is brave enough to
look into green lily
and crowe ransom flowers

foggy night
stage fright
ella gregory
horace muir
they depart from venetian fair
and wear blue skirt
swans wonder about
wooden bridge thinks about
how a lat night escape makes the scaring fear
 Image result for swan